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Bull BBQ Grills
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Best Grills from BULL – Power, reliability, and the best quality.
25 years of experience in producing grills and components for grill kitchens.

Fire power

The burner is the heart of every gas grill.
Conventional grills use conventional burners, just steel tubes with holes.
We used a fundamentally different approach and created a perfect burner for our BULL grills.

Bull BBQ Grills

All burners are Cast from high-quality stainless steel, they are capable of maintaining extreme heat for an unlimited time.
That allows BULL grills to develop fantastic total power up to 38 kW.

They do not rust or wear out, so we guarantee that our burners will work perfectly for 50 years without any restrictions, even with commercial use of the grill.

Bull BBQ Grills


We do not talk about the quality of plastics, alloys, or composite
materials that were used. We simply do not use them in our Grills and Ovens.

BULL Grills are completely made of high quality 304 stainless steel.
including small details And even the bolts. One glance at BULL
is enough to understand - an epic barbecue awaits you.

Bull BBQ Grills

Featured products

Bull BBQ Grills


In colaboration with California Polytechnic University, our engineers
have designed the ReliaBULL technology to eliminate appearance of
" cold zones " on the grid. The heat is distributed evenly over the entire
working surface of the grill.

never disappoints

A reliable system of mechanical piezo ignition of burners does not
require batteries, wires, and other electrical components.
The ignition system, that will never fail under any weather conditions, even at the North Pole.
Bull BBQ Grills

Dream grills

Our specialists in Tallinn expertly design your customised outdoor modular kitchen,
replete with your Bull Grill and accessories. Benefit from our industry leading experience
in creating custom-built kitchens suited for all facets of luxury living in the great outdoors.
Visit our showroom to learn just how fabulous your outdoor kitchen can be too – whether
for grilling on your verandah or the back of your yacht, we make it happen in style.